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WebORB for .NET – a development and a runtime Rich Internet Application (RIA)

Carlos Pinho
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That’s right! Mark Piller has just released version 3.4 of WebOrb For. Net and also announced that the product which had a limited version, now is completely free!
The Standard version (free), Professional and Enterprise are now one and all restrictions have been removed.
WebORB for .NET is a development and a runtime Rich Internet Application (RIA) enabling platform. WebORB enables seamless integration between .NET server applications and a variety of rich Internet clients including Flex, Flash and JavaScript(AJAX).
The Top Features are:
  • Flex Remoting;
  • Data Management;
  • Video Streaming / Recording;
  • Data Push;
  • Remote Shared Objects;
  • Messaging;
And some of the changes in this new version:
  • Improvement in compatible with the AMF3;
  • Support RTMPT (RTMP Tunneling);
  • Significant performance improvement;
  • Setup of DataSet serialization / DataRow;
  • Support for Proxy NHibernate serialization;
  • Support the serialization of ArrayCollection;
  • Support configurable to the serialization of the type Enum;
  • Added generating code for PureMVC;
  • VideoChat now supports sound;

Check and download here.

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