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XML Driven Mp3 Player with amazing features

Carlos Pinho
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XML Driven Mp3 Player with amazing featuresToday i choosed to feature the Pulpowski MP3 Player at FlashDen. It has an brilliant design, is very light (49kb) and is xml driven.

1- Small SWF file. Only 49 kb.

2- This player simulates a real mp3 player.

3- All tracks are loaded externally via XML so you dont need to touch flash.

4- Supports unlimited tracks.

5- Equalizer animation and it responds start and stop events.

6- Seek circle. It’s a new type of seek bar which looks really awesome with an orange light.

7- Buffer bar. A visual representation to how much of the song has loaded.

8- Fully vector interface so the player can be resized to whatever size you wish.

9- Fully customizable interface and logo. You can create your own interface and put your logo in this player.

10- Pan controls. You can control the pan with this mp3 player as the popular mp3 players.

11- Drag and Drop. Everything is contained into one movie clip.

12- Fully commented Actionscript to try and help you understand what is happening.

13- Help file included

14- This player shows the current date and time on its screen.

Available from FlashDen

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