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XML Editor for your Flash Site

Carlos Pinho
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XML Editor

An excellent component for your Flash website. Instant content management for any XML.


– Edit, format, and save any XML file on your website!
– Easy to use interface
– No database to setup and maintain
– No confusing and bulky CMS or backend
– Install in just a few minutes!
– Website owners: take control of your website content
– Stop paying for every small change!
– Developers: save time and add instant value to your websites!
– Easy to setup on new and existing websites
– Upload new images and videos to your website, and have the location automatically saved to your XML document
– Instantly links to your images and video folders, upload to or select any file form those folders
– Built in login with name and password
– Compatible with PHP
– Easy to customize defaults using FlashVars
– Includes full PDF user guide

Check out The XML Editor in action

Get it from FlashDen

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