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Yahoo updates ASTRA V.1.x – Bug on AlertManager (Flash) fixed

Carlos Pinho
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Yahoo Developer
Last month Yahoo! released version 1.1 of Yahoo! ASTRA libraries for Flash and Flex. Based on community feedback, they revised it and came up with a maintenance release as 1.1.1. Hence there are no new components but many fixes to minor bugs. Here are release notes from Josh Tynjala directly:
AlertManager (Flash)

  • Bug fix: Alert dialog lost focus if the user selected the text and then hit the tab key.

Charts (Flash)

  • Improved animation and invalidation of markers.
  • Bug fix: Setting axis maximum less than the value of an origin-based marker (column, bar) hides the marker.
  • Bug fix: With large data sets, line charts are displayed offset from the left, which hides some data on the right
  • Bug fix: Axis displays improperly when all items have the same value.
  • Bug fix: Infinite loop when calculating minimum and maximum values in some cases.
  • Bug fix: PieChart displays the wrong category when values are primitive and equal.

MenuBar (Flash)

  • Bug fix: Selected menubar button lost focus if it was toggled very quickly with keyboard shortcuts.
  • Bug fix: Skin conflicts between Menu and MenuBar.

TabBar (Flash)

  • Bug fix: Styles like textFormat are not passed through to tabs.
  • Bug fix: focusIndex setter tries to access buttons before they are created.

AutoCompleteManager (Flex)

  • New events
  • Added API for adjusting minimum disk space requirements
  • Bug fix: caret bug when changing selection of completion dropdown
  • Bug fix: itemToLabel bug on certain types of entries
  • Bug fix: loopSelection quirkiness

This updated version is available on Yahoo! Flash Developer Center as following:

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